Driver In 2010 Fatal Megabus Crash Dies After Brain Injury, Stroke

Image courtesy of (Doug Kerr)

You may remember the fatal 2010 crash of a Megabus in Syracuse, NY, where the double-decker bus missed its turn and struck a low railroad overpass, killing four passengers. After four and a half years and multiple wrongful death lawsuits against the bus company, the aftermath of this accident became even sadder: the driver who crashed the bus has died.

John Tomaszewski was a construction worker who lost his business in the recession, and took a job driving the discount inter-city buses to support his wife and three small children. He didn’t thrive in the job, and his wife had urged him to quit before the accident.

After the accident, he struggled with guilt and never went back to work as a bus driver. He was charged with criminally negligent homicide in the county where the accident took place, and a judge (it was a bench trial without a jury) found him not guilty in 2012. Later that year, he suffered from a stroke. He lost his ability to speak or walk two years ago, and his health deteriorated since then.

Driver in Syracuse Megabus crash, whose wrong turn killed 4, has died [Post-Standard]

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