Walmart’s “Women-Owned” Campaign Officially Launches In Stores & Online

women-ownedLast June Walmart said it would work to bring awareness to women-led companies by sticking “women-owned” labels on a range of products in its stores. While the retailer initially planned to start the campaign last fall, it finally appears to be getting around to it this month.

Walmart announced this week that shoppers can now see the logo prominently displayed on retail products both in-store and on a dedicated page of the big box store’s website.

The logo, which is the work of two nonprofit groups and Walmart stores, aims to bring consumer recognition of products provided by women-owned businesses on store shelves.

According to a statement from Walmart, the logo launch, which coincides with Women’s History Month, is an attempt to shine a light on the company’s commitment to empowering women around the world and helping women-owned businesses succeed and grow.

For now, the logos will be placed on six products including Milo’s Tea, Jelmar CLR Remover, HMS Mfg. Co Hefty Wastebaskets, Goldbug Inc. Carter’s Newborn Shoes, Ariela and Associates Smart & Sexy Bra, and Ziegenfelder’s Budget Saver Pops.

So how does Walmart determine what products are produced by women-owned companies? It doesn’t –– that task is handed off to the Women’s Enterprise National Council and WEConnect International. Businesses that get approval from either organization can use the new logo.

This isn’t the first time Walmart has tried to amp up its women owned-products. In 2011, the company pledged to buy $20 billion of products from U.S. female-owned businesses over the next five years. That initiative also includes training women to work in factories and retail around the globe.

Walmart Launches ‘Women Owned’ Logo In-Store & Online [Walmart]

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