LAX Lawsuit: A Bottle Of Water Shouldn’t Cost $5 At The Airport

Grumbling over that $5 bottle of water you had to buy after going through airport security? You’re not the only one: Boutique store Kitson is accusing the company that runs its two stores in the Los Angeles International Airport of gouging customers by charging half a tenner for a bottle of water that normally costs $2.50.

Kitson Stores filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week alleging Hudson Group of exploiting travelers with “hugely” inflated water prices, reports the Associated Press. Hudson Group operates many of the shops inside LAX.

Kitson says New Jersey-based Hudson won’t sell bottled water at the two Kitson spots for $2.55 a liter, and instead slaps a $5 price tag on the bottles at the stores, the court filing says. As a result of the wrangling over water prices, Kitson claims Hudson Group is trying to force its stores out of the airport.

It’s all about us travelers, Kitson says.

“Water is one of the most basic necessities for travelers and Hudson is taking advantage of the post- 9-11 airport restrictions” by inflating water prices, a Kitson attorney told the AP. “We believe that Hudson has breached its contracts with Kitson and has no right to close the Kitson stores.”

A lawyer for Hudson Group said in a statement that the company is going to terminate the relationship with Kitson, after filing a complaint against the company for breach of contract last month. Besides — Kitson customers are used to paying high prices, so why not for water?

“Kitson is known for selling pricey items in its high end boutiques,” Hudson Group’s lawyer says. “Anyone who thinks that Kitson is really motivated here by an altruistic concern over how much consumers are paying for water at LAX has either never shopped at a Kitson store or is really naive.”

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