Sephora Introduces $10 Unlimited 2-Day Shipping Program

If you like to buy online from Sephora, but dislike waiting until you have $50 worth of items before making your purchase, great news! The gourmet supermarket of beauty has started its own free shipping subscription service in the Amazon Prime model, called Flash. It gives customers free 2-day shipping and a discount on overnight shipping.

Well, technically, it’s called Sephora FLASH Shipping, but we don’t go for that all-caps nonsense. If you plan to place more than two small orders at any point during the year, that covers your subscription. However, this is Sephora, and buying a bottle of foundation and a lip gloss will put you over that $50 limit, so it’s worth considering whether the free shipping plan is worth your time. The membership subscription fee does not count toward the company’s loyalty program. (I’m not making fun of Sephora here: I know those prices without looking them up.)

Sephora has not specified whether they plan to ban Flash members who are placing “too many” online orders, as they were criticized for doing with VIB Rouge members at the end of 2013.

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