Amazon Reportedly Adds “Ship To Cuba” Option In Preparation For Restored Diplomatic Ties

If it wasn’t enough that Americans traveling to Cuba might now be able to bring back Cuban rum and cigars from their travels, those in Cuba may soon be able to order goods from Amazon, or at least get things shipped to them.

Reuters reports that the online retailer appears to be laying the groundwork to ship packages to the country just three months after the U.S. and Cuba agreed to begin talks to restore diplomatic ties.

Talk of Amazon’s preparations to ship to Cuba were spurred after the appearance of a “ship to Cuba” button on the e-tailer’s website.

However, the button isn’t currently operational and sends an error message when consumers located in Cuba try to order an item.

“Due to export controls and economic sanctions laws and regulations, we are unable to process transactions from your current location,” the error message says.

Reuters reports that the new option wasn’t available on Amazon’s site when viewed from a U.S.-based search.

While Amazon didn’t respond to Reuters’ request for comment about impending shipments to Cuba, logistics experts said the button suggests the retailer is likely testing the option.

Rob Howard, CEO for logistics firm Grand Junction says the relatively quiet rollout of the “ship to Cuba” button matches Amazon’s past no-fanfare service launches.

‘Ship to Cuba’ option shows up on amid diplomatic talks [Reuters]

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