JetBlue Realizes Pun Referencing Large Flying Machines Falling From The Sky Is Not The Best Idea

The tweet that has since been deleted. (@JetBlue)

The tweet that has since been deleted. (@JetBlue)

JetBlue is busy apologizing on Twitter for a now-deleted and ill-advised Tweet that made a bad pun referencing the Hindenburg Disaster. Too soon, perhaps, but also, reminding people of the time a flying machine crashed isn’t the best way to instill confidence in your own flying machines. Just sayin’.

Though it’s been more than 75 years since the Hindenburg burst into flames and crashed, killing 36 people, JetBlue’s now-deleted “Oh, the Bluemanity!” Tweet with a photo of one of its plane’s tails did not go over well with Twitter users.

This, in reference to the famous remark made by radio broadcaster Herbert Morris , “Oh, the humanity!” while reporting as the zeppelin burned and fell to the ground.

The Twitterverse was not amused.

Since deleting the Tweet, @JetBlue has issued a series of apologies, basically admitting that the urge to make a pun was greater than the brand’s ability to fully research what it was referencing. The more you know.

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