Time Warner Cable Out-Comcasts Comcast, Renames Customer “C*nt”

Image courtesy of (Lyman Green)

Lest you think that it’s just Comcast employees that are spitefully renaming customers “A**hole Brown,” or “super b*tch,” the company’s pending merger partner has proven it can do much worse — by slapping the C-bomb on a customer’s bill.

Ars Technica has a copy of a bill addressed to “C*nt Martinez,” which we’re pretty sure is not intended to be a compliment.

Not only does the letter get her name wrong, but it inaccurately states that she tried to cancel her service, which the customer tells Ars she never did.

She says she contacted TWC customer service and was only promised that she’d receive a follow-up call within 48 hours.

“The only information they could provide was that the name change was made on 2/12/15, which happens to be the same day I used their ‘live chat’ feature online and called in and spoke to a representative regarding an issue with my cable box,” she tells Ars.

When Ars contacted TWC about the bill, it was more apologetic, blaming the rude renaming on a third-party vendor with whom it has terminated its agreement.

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