Sony Isn’t Sure People Want To Pay $160 For A Quieter Memory Card, Is Going To Sell’em Anyway

Don’t you just hate all that noise your memory cards make? No? Then you probably aren’t going to want to buy Sony’s new $160 memory cards, which the company brags offers “Premium Sound” that generates less electrical noise when reading data.

Actually, Sony isn’t even sure there are any customers out there who would actually be interested in the 64 gigabyte SR-64HXA micro SDXC memory card, which will be sold for about $160 in Japan starting next month, reports the Wall Street Journal.

That’s about five times the price of your average SD card, and with the same amount of storage.


But heck, with all those picky audiophiles out there, someone’s gotta bite. Right? Shrug, says Sony.

“We aren’t that sure about the product’s potential demand, but we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it,” a Sony spokeswoman said.

Listen… do you hear that? No? Exactly! It’s because Consumerist is being veeery quiet so you can listen to music while you read. And it’s free! You’re welcome.

Sony to Offer ‘Premium Sound’ Memory Card [Wall Street Journal]

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