Delta Air Lines Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Flight Crew Members, Police Officer

It’s one thing to have a mile-high cocktail, but it’s an entirely another to get to the point where you’re kicking and screaming at the flight crew. Los Angeles airport police say they arrested an intoxicated Delta Air Lines passenger after she allegedly became “belligerent” toward the crew during a flight.

According to LAX police, the 32-year-old was arrested last night at the airport, reports the Los Angeles Times, after she allegedly assault flight crew members on a flight from Atlanta to L.A., and later, a police officer.

Crew members restrained her for 45 minutes before landing, an airline spokesman said, with airport police and the FBI arriving at the terminal when the plane arrived.

She was taken into custody for being drunk in public and then suspicion of battery upon a police officer, as law enforcement says she was kicking and screaming and assaulted an officer during the arrest.

Kicking, screaming Delta passenger arrested at LAX, police say [Los Angeles Times]

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