Goodwill Shopper Pays $6 For Rare Diving Watch Worth $35,000

There are some people in this world just begging for envy, and the guy who managed to spot a $35,000 watch amidst of bunch of broken, dead and otherwise junky timepieces at Goodwill is definitely one of those.

Not only did he purchase the watch for far less than its value, but he got change back at the Goodwill store in Phoenix for handing over $6 for a $5.99 total, reports

He’s not just any browsing shopper, however, as he has an eye for vintage watches and has been collecting them for some time [pun intended] and thus was able to pick out a rare 1959 Jaeger-LeCoultre diving watch. He says only about 900 of the watches were ever made.

“I didn’t even want to give it to her to scan,” he said of when it came time to pay. “I was like, you can scan it in my hand if you want to. I just didn’t want to let it go.”

So how could Goodwill miss something so valuable? Anyone could make the same mistake, in his opinion.

“Sometimes they just miss it, they don’t know,” he explained. “It’s not a very fancy-looking piece. You have to know what it is.”

He sold it for $35,000 on a watch collectors website, and also got a $4,000 Mega Speed Master watch to boot. He’s planning on using the dough for his upcoming nuptials — and also donated some of the profits back to the Goodwill.

Phoenix man finds rare watch at Goodwill store []

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