Couple Travels 7,900 Miles In 28 Hours To Visit Three Disney Theme Parks On Valentine’s Day

So you think you love Disney, huh? Do you love it enough to fly to three different Disney theme parks in one day just to snap a celebratory anniversary photo? Didn’t think so, but one couple from San Diego managed to pull it off in the name of love on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not that they’re especially mushy about that particular date, but it was the only Saturday that worked out to celebrate their 17th anniversary, which was Jan. 17, reports the New York Daily News. It had to be Saturday, because that’s the day Magic Kingdom in Orlando — their last stop — stays open until midnight.

Every year on that day, they’d returned to Disneyland to mark their anniversary. But this year they wanted to do something different, so they decided to fly to Tokyo, back to Anaheim and on to Orlando on Saturday.

“It’s completely insane, and that’s why we did it,” the husband says.

The 7,900 journey took about 28 hours all told, with the couple starting in Tokyo (where they’d already spent a week) at 9:50 a.m local time and popping off a quick shot in front of the Disneyland there before catching a flight to California.

They reached Disneyland in Anaheim around noon on Saturday after a 10-hour flight, posed for a photo and raced for the airport. They just missed their Orlando-bound flight, but by the grace of Mickey managed to get rebooked and make up 30 minutes of time. That found them in front of Disney World at 11:40 p.m., with 20 minutes to spare.

“The best thing was doing it with my wife and best friend,” the husband says. “Having her by my side for the whole thing made it special.”

San Diego couple visits Disney theme parks in Tokyo, Anaheim and Orlando on Valentine’s Day [New York Daily News]

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