Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Slides Off The Road, Crashes Into Pole In Pennsylvania

Image courtesy of (@jesseknutsoncbs)

Although its human passengers are just fine, the bad news is that one of Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobiles is in rough shape after a crash in Pennsylvania. The good news? The company has more than one hot dog vehicle. Whew.

The 27-foot roving sausage slid off the road in some wintry conditions and crashed into a pole on the side of the road near Harrisburg, PA, reports KDKA.com, snarling traffic. Because really, who’s not going to rubberneck a crash involving a giant hot dog?

No injuries to the driver or anyone inside the truck were reported, but we’re gonna go ahead and guess that the vehicle will be off the road for the time being, as the windshield was smashed and there’s some major damage to the front bun fender.

We prefer it when the Wienermobile crashes weddings instead.

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