Zara’s Parent Company Drops Angora Wool, Citing Animal Cruelty In China

Have you noticed a dearth of angora wool on the shelves at Zara stores recently? That’s because the brand’s parent company Inditex pulled the garments in response to footage of animal cruelty in China, where much of the industry’s angora comes from.

Inditex said yesterday that it had stopped selling angora products because of cruelty to the rabbits the wool is plucked from in China, reports the AFP. It also owns brands Bershka and Massimo Dutti.

“The Angora products have been removed from the stores, in particular items that were in last year’s autumn and winter collection,” spokeswoman told the AFP.

PETA launched a campaign in 2013 rallying against the treatment of angora rabbits, with the Asian regional branch of the group releasing videos of workers pulling hair from the skin of live, screeching rabbits.

According to the organization, 90% of angora comes from rabbits in China, which doesn’t have animal protection laws in place.

Zara owner drops angora over China rabbit cruelty [AFP]

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