1-Year-Old Suffocates During Home Remedy For Lice

Though its effectiveness is debatable, using mayonnaise to get rid of head lice is a well-known home remedy. But one family’s attempt to rid their child of the tiny insects has apparently resulted in a tragic death by suffocation.

According to Springfield, MA, newspaper The Republican, police are investigating the death of a 1-year-old girl whose family had covered her scalp with mayonnaise and then placed a plastic shopping bag over her head.

Some who believe in the mayonnaise treatment say that covering the head is necessary for upwards of eight hours, but that it should be done with a shower cap, especially with children.

Police tell The Republican that the child had apparently been left unattended in the house for several hours before anyone checked on her.

Emergency services were called to the home on Saturday to answer a report of young girl who wasn’t breathing. Officers on the scene say the infant had apparently suffocated to death because of the plastic bag, which had slid down to cover her face.

Police are investigating and the remaining children in the home were put into the care of a relative.

This tragedy is a reminder of the dangers of everyday household items that most of us take for granted. For all the regulations and warnings in the world, it’s ultimately up to parents and caregivers to make sure that their kids are safe.

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