Maker Of Designer Doors For IKEA Cabinets Booted From Expo By IKEA

Why does IKEA mistreat the people who love their products? First, the Swedes picked on, a site that spent nearly a decade helping people make the most out of their funny-named furniture. Now comes news that IKEA Canada used its leverage to have Semihandmade — a company that makes doors that fit on IKEA designs — booted from a major design show.

According to Treehugger, Semihandmade had apparently already set up its booth at the recent Interior Design Show in Toronto when IKEA Canada, a sponsor of the event, claimed that Semihandmade infringed upon the IKEA name and trademark.

The company’s products are intended to go on IKEA furniture, which is perfectly legal. You can do whatever you want to your furniture after you buy it. You don’t see Apple going after companies that sell sleeves for iPods.

What likely irked IKEA was the use of the IKEA name in Semihandmade’s display. The company offered to cover up that logo but that still didn’t seem to appease IKEA, so Semihandmade disappeared from the show floor.

In an Instagram posting, the company says it was the first time that this has happened.

“We’ve been at this for a while now. IKEA US is quite familiar with us and has been supportive,” wrote Semihandmade. “We’re also careful not to imply affiliation.”

When reached for comment by Consumerist, a rep for IKEA Canada says, “I have personally been in contact with the owner of Semihandmade and have provided an apology for how the situation at the Interior Design Show unfolded. We came to a resolution and have parted on good terms.”

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