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Maker Of Designer Doors For IKEA Cabinets Booted From Expo By IKEA

Why does IKEA mistreat the people who love their products? First, the Swedes picked on IKEAhacker.com, a site that spent nearly a decade helping people make the most out of their funny-named furniture. Now comes news that IKEA Canada used its leverage to have Semihandmade — a company that makes doors that fit on IKEA designs — booted from a major design show. [More]

While AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Dish, TWC, Cablevision, FiOS, and countless more have access to WatchESPN, DirecTV customers won't get it until "early 2015."

DirecTV Customers Will Finally Get Access To WatchESPN

More than four years after cable sports powerhouse ESPN launched its WatchESPN streaming service, DirecTV remains the only major pay-TV provider whose subscribers are unable to access it. But thanks to a new deal between the satellite company and ESPN’s parent company Disney, DirecTV customers will finally be able to get more value out of the most expensive channel on basic cable. [More]

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Bank CEO Rips Walmart For Allowing ID Thieves To Spend $12K Without Anyone Noticing

How do ID thieves spend $12,000 in just a couple of hours at Walmart without anyone noticing? Quite easily, apparently. Which is why one CEO of a Texas-based bank is criticizing the nation’s largest retailer. [More]