Tinder Will Let Users Undo What They Can’t So Easily Undo In Real Life With App’s Upcoming Paid Version

Too late for Valentine's Day.

Too late for Valentine’s Day.

In life, one cannot simply go around laying hands on people’s faces and telling them one way or the other if they find them attractive. Well, you could do it, but it’d be awkward. On the flipside, you can’t so easily retract a profession of “like” or “dislike” as it were. Tinder wants to let users do that in the virtual dating world, with a paid version of the app that’s coming out in March.

The dating app accidentally announced at first that an update available today would include the “undo” capability in a Plus version, as well as the ability to view users outside your geographical location called “Passport.” This paid version was previously announced in November and slated for a year-end release, which clearly has been pushed back.

TechCrunch first noticed the description mentioning the Plus features for the iOS update that have yet to roll out:

“Undo – Take back your last swipe! – Passport – Change your location to match with people around the world! – Bug fixes”

Tinder confirmed that those features are not ready yet, and instead are slated for a mid-March arrival. Though earlier reports put Plus at $6.99 per month, Tinder hasn’t disclosed pricing.

As it works right now, users swipe either left (nope, don’t like you) or right (yep, you look goooood to me) on users’ photographs within a certain distance of their location, instead of searching a huge pool of users consisting of the entire world.

But sometimes, swipe fatigue leads fingers to go rogue, accidentally telling someone the thing you didn’t want to tell them, losing potential soulmates with one touch and encouraging others who don’t have a hope.

You can “unmatch” someone now if they also liked you, but anyone who’s seen a match disappear from their list knows that, “Why me?” feeling, knowing someone regretted their apparent choice.

Again, it’s a lot easier than marching up to someone in person and saying, “So, I know I said I liked you, but actually I don’t.” Or conversely, “Hey, remember when I told you I wasn’t interested in you? Surprise! I am!”

Ugh, kids these days.

Tinder Plus, The Paid Version Featuring An Undo Button And More, Arrives In U.S. Next Month [TechCrunch]

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