Wait — What Did The Guy In This FarmersOnly.com Ad Just Say?

If you’re a fan of basic cable, you’ve most likely seen any number of the many ads for FarmersOnly.com, the online dating site targeting rural Americans. The ad’s recent slate of commercials are more professional-looking than some of the bottom-dollar spots that first got that darn jingle stuck in our heads, but there’s one new-ish ad that we had to rewind a few times just to make sure we heard it correctly.

The above ad features recently married couple Cindy and Jason, who met on FarmersOnly in 2013.

It begins sweetly enough, with Cindy that saying she recommends the site for anyone into the country lifestyle.

Then it gets strange with the quote from Jason, who says “I’ve been around livestock all my life… rodeo, team rope. I knew what I wanted; I always knew what I wanted and she’s everything that I’ve been looking for.”

Take a second to let that sink in.

Imagine you’re on a date with someone and they look into your eyes and say, “I’ve been around livestock all my life… you’re everything I’ve been looking for.”

It’s hard to imagine that statement going over well in 99 out of 100 cases, regardless of where your date is from.

Even if you replace it with nouns that don’t seemingly equate your loved one with cattle, there’s something off about it.

“I’ve been around cars my whole life…”
“I’ve been around golf my whole life…”
“I’ve been around pizza my whole life…”

These are all things — just like farming — that could be the basis of some shared interests, but when followed up immediately with “she’s everything I’ve been looking for,” it’s just strange.

What makes it more inexplicable is that FarmersOnly actually edited it to come across like the husband’s affection for his wife is based on a lifelong love of livestock.

Watch the longer clip below that FarmersOnly posted on its YouTube channel, and you can see that Jason is merely talking about his background and interests when he’s making the comment about livestock and the rodeo.

In fact, in the longer video he says things that would have been perfect for the clip, like saying he couldn’t have asked for anyone better:

The lesson here? That this couple should really have asked for control over the final edit of the ad in which they are featured.

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