Don’t Bet On The Delivery Guy Owning Snow Shoes: NYC Mayor’s Blizzard Ban On Vehicles Includes Bikes

As parents elsewhere in the country continue to inquire whether their grown offspring living in New York City are fully prepared for the impending snowmageddon, Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting a potentially huge crimp in hungry citizens’ plans for weathering the storm by banning all non-emergency vehicles on the streets after 11 p.m. tonight. That includes delivery vehicles and yes, even bikes.

The mayor announced the ban during a press conference today (via NBC News), ordering all vehicles off the streets including food delivery bicycles, saying, “This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City.”

With the snow already piling up and up to three feet expected on the way , it’s likely that many restaurants will be closed starting either tonight or tomorrow. Indeed, a GrubHub spokeswoman said the company has heard as much from lots of restaurants so far and issued a statement about the impending blizzard’s effect on services:

“As Winter Storm Juno sets in, GrubHub is in constant communication with our restaurant partners to stay up-to-date on closures and ensure drivers are being safe when delivering meals. We advise our restaurant partners in the Northeast to adhere to all local safety guidelines and exercise extreme caution when delivering orders. We also want to remind diners to be appreciative of, and patient with, their delivery drivers. These food heroes are braving heavy snow, wind and frigid temperatures to ensure diners can still enjoy their local favorites from the comfort of their warm homes. With this in mind, we hope diners will be patient if their orders take longer than normal to arrive, and generous and appreciative when tipping their drivers.”

You know what that means — hit the store now and buy all the ramen noodles, peanut butter and wine your little arms can carry, folks. Or it’s gonna be a hungry few days for you.

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