Guy Who Bought Lottery Tickets To Break $100 Bill Wins $10M

When’s the last time you went out to grab lunch and ended up a millionaire? It’s been at least a few years for me, but only a few days for a Massachusetts man who bought a couple lottery tickets to break a $100 bill so he could get some sandwiches.

Lottery officials announced Thursday that a man who bought two $20 “Platinum Millions” instant tickets at a grocery in East Boston wound up snagging a $10 million haul, reports the Associated Press.

He only stopped in the store so he could break a $100 bill, he says, as he was on the way to get lunch at a sandwich shop.

He and his wife opted to claim a one-time payment of $6.5 million after taxes, which will buy plenty of sandwiches, among other things. He says he also wants to buy a house, invest some money and takes hi granddaughter to Disney World.

Man who bought lottery tickets to break $100 bill wins $10M [Associated Press]

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