Amazon Yanks Its New Upscale Diaper Brand To Make “Design Improvements”

softdiapersLet’s take a second to imagine what an improperly designed diaper would look like. Or hey, smell like. Now that we’ve been there, Amazon says it’s pulling the upscale brand of diapers for Prime members it introduced six weeks ago, telling customers that the diapers need some “design improvements.”

Prime members who subscribed to the diaper deliveries received a letter from Amazon, explaining that customer feedback led to the decision to pull the nappies for now, leaving only baby wipes under its Amazon Elements brand.

“Thank you for subscribing to Amazon Elements Soft & Cozy Diapers,” the letter reads. “Based on early customer feedback, we are making some design improvements to the diaper. In the meantime, Amazon Elements Soft & Cozy Diapers are no longer available, and we’ve stopped your subscription.”

Subscribers will get a $25 promotional credit to their accounts as a “thank you for trying and subscribing to the diapers,” Amazon adds, which could come in handy if Junior did happen to scoot across the rug in a leaky diaper.

But seriously, we have not seen or tried these diapers, so leakage might not be the issue or even one of the issues. Gigaom’s Laura Hazard Owen notes that the diapers received “meh” reviews on Amazon, with a recent average around 3.5 stars out of 5. When she tried the diapers, she says they were okay, but not great, and she “particularly disliked their sagginess and cheesy graphics.”

Amazon pulls its diaper brand after 6 weeks, citing design flaws [Gigaom]

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