Police: Woman Lived Inside Michigan Walmart For Two Days

Living inside a Walmart sounds more like something you might see in a movie (actually, it is, if you’ve ever seen Home Is Where The Heart Is) or a reality show, rather than something that occurs in real life. But over the years, it’s actually happened quite a few times – remember the teen that managed to hole-up inside a store for four days? The latest incident of living off the shelves of Walmart took place in Michigan last week and lasted a mere two days. 

MLive.com reports that a 45-year-old woman spent at least 40 hours living in a local Walmart store after being kicked out of a family member’s home.

Police officials report they were called to the retailer around 10:30 a.m. on January 8 after employees caught a woman sleeping in the bathroom in the rear of the store.

“During the day, she’d just walk around and meander near the store,” a local detective tells MLive.com. “At night, apparently she’d go into the bathroom and sleep.”

When the woman refused to leave the store, employees called the police.

The woman was then issued a ticket for disorderly person and taken to the police station.

Officers say they took the woman into custody because they were concerned for her safety, as she was only wearing a light jacket and temperatures were in the mid-teens.

Once at the department, the woman was allowed to call family members who then picked her up.

Woman stays, sleeps at Grand Blanc Walmart for almost two days, police say [MLive.com]

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