Chipotle Will Bribe Everyone To Try Their Braised Tofu

softritas“I don’t like tofu, and you can’t make me eat it!” Americans and Canadians have said to Chipotle, ignoring the tofu that the chain introduced last year. “If you try it, I’ll give you a free burrito with meat in it!” Chipotle countered, striking a bargain like a clever parent. Will the chain’s customers take this deal? On January 26, we’ll find out.

That’s the day that Chipotle is making their try-it-you’ll-like-it offer. Customers are being invited to purchase and try a food item with braised tofu in it. They just have to try it. Whether they like it or they don’t, the receipt from that soy-laden visit will earn them a free burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos with any fillings they want. It can be tofu, or it can be something other than tofu. That’s up to you.

The free entrée deal starts the following day, January 27th, and lasts until the end of February. Of course, you have to remember to bring the receipt back, which adds an extra hurdle to this deal compared to Chipotle just giving free tofu burritos away.

I’ve tried Sofritas: it has good flavor and texture for a tofu, and is spicier than the chicken that I normally get. It’s worth a try even if that isn’t something you would normally order, and that’s exactly what Chipotle is doing here.

Sofritas Monday [Chipotle]

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