Guy Spends $400 Making Fancy Slider, Realizes Truffles & Caviar Don’t Pair Well With White Castle

There’s the kind of food experimentation that is based on aligning subtle flavor profiles and combining textures in complementary ways, and then there’s the “I wonder what X would taste like with a whole bunch of expensive stuff on top of it” experience. The latter is often just so much more fun than the former.

Such is the case for the dude at DudeFoods, Nick (he of the McEverything), who found himself with a cool $250 in gift card money to spend at William Sonoma, and no desire to buy any “overpriced” kitchen tools, “even with a gift card.”

Instead, his eye caught truffles for sale, and he joked with a friend about getting an ounce of white Italian truffles for $200 and just blow them all on one dish.

Going with the tack of combining luxury with economy, Nick and his pal decided to pair the truffles with a White Castle slider. From there, he says the idea to make the most expensive White Castle slider ever assembled “sort of just spiraled out of control from there” with the addition of “every other insanely expensive food I could think off.”

He included two pricy Wisconsin cheddars, “white Italian truffles, a couple ounces of prosciutto and then a slice of some duck foie gras and port wine pate bullshit thing that I picked up at a market near my work. Finishing off the slider was an ounce of Russian caviar and a fried quail egg. Oh, and I also sprinkled 24K gold flakes all over the entire thing just so it looked extra fancy. The only hipster food item that this thing was missing was morel mushrooms.”

The entire cost of the slider came out to exactly $400.

So what does all that money buy you? A mouthful of disgusting and the ruination of a perfectly good slider, Nick says, acknowledging that the included ingredients aren’t really meant to go together.

“In fact, the only thing that really made it any better were the two Wisconsin cheeses that I added to it,” he said, stating the obvious importance of cheese in all things. “Everything else just took away from the deliciousness that is the White Castle slider.”

When all is said and done, the thing was a “gigantic waste of money,” Nick admits, though it’s clear he enjoyed the effort overall.

“In retrospect though I probably should have just spent the $400 on 20 Crave Cases from White Castle, or in other words, 600 sliders,” he admits. “With how much I love White Castle that many sliders could have fed me for at least four or five days!”

Six hundred sliders in five days? Sounds like a challenge.

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