McDonald’s Just Wants You To Love Them Again

fansWhat brings even the worst of archenemies together? If we’re to believe a delightful new ad from McDonald’s, ancient enemies can put aside their differences over a tasty, familiar meal from the fast-food empire. Is that true? We’re not sure, but what McDonald’s wants is to spread the love, and for that love to maybe flow back to McDonald’s as well.

Millennials simply aren’t lovin’ it, which is why the chain is reviving its love-themed ad campaigns in addition to assuring us all that its food really does contain food and not strange nugget-shaped polymers.

In this ad, sworn enemies like Gargamel and the Smurfs and Bears and Packers fans find common ground with gifts, some of which happen to be McDonald’s foods like nuggets, fries, and ice cream cones. This is the first piece leaked from a bigger ad campaign where McDonald’s pleads with us to love them again. Kind of. They’re calling it a “brand transformation,” and the company’s chief marketing officer says that the company’s aim is to start listening to its customers.

Of course, the public’s first question seemed to be “What the heck is in your food?” which is probably not a good sign.

McDonald’s: All You Need is ‘Lovin’ It’ [BurgerBusiness]

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