Of Course People Are Already Trying To Sell ‘The Interview’ Movie Posters For Hundreds On eBay

While there will be no backsides warming theater seats at screenings of The Interview in the United States (at least, not on the movie’s planned Dec. 25 release date), there is still money to be made on the bro-com starring Seth Rogen and James Franco sent on a mission to kill the leader of North Korea. At least, people are still trying to make money off the flick.

There are already a bunch of movie posters for the film up for sale on eBay right now, with the most expensve currently carrying a price of $550.

The Huffington Post’s Alexander C. Kaufman caught the wave first, noting that the playbills for sale on eBay right now usually go for about $15, so this is quite a price jack-up for a movie that no one is going to be seeing in theaters any time soon. Heck, we don’t even know if it’ll go straight to DVD and TV on-demand services. Stranger things have happened.

But before you go tearing off to buy your piece of pop culture history at such an inflated price, know that what goes up, must come down.

“A year from now, you wouldn’t be able to get more than $15, maybe $20 for them,” Rudy Franchi, a movie-poster expert told The Huffington Post. “These things have no intrinsic value to begin with.”

Movie Posters For ‘The Interview’ Are Going For $550 [Huffington Post]

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