Kmart Layaway Customers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Refunds

If you’re one of the many upset people we’ve heard from after Kmart canceled many layaway orders and at first, told some customers refunds might not arrive in time to buy replacement Christmas presents, keep your eyes peeled for that money to be coming back to you soon, if it hasn’t already.

Despite the fact that many customers initially reported hearing their refunds might be delayed until after Christmas, or arrive without enough time to go out and buy presents to replace any that wouldn’t be coming, the company says it’s processed all refunds for canceled layaway items, so customers should be seeing them soon.

A Sears Holding rep tells Consumerist customers can also expect free replacements if they can find them, shipped without charge:

Refunds have been processed on all cancelled items and our customers will receive the refunds in the next couple of days, if they haven’t already. In addition to the refunds, we are also working to find items that were identified as out of stock — and if we can find them we will provide those items for free and ship and no cost. If we don’t have the items, we are providing e-gift cards in the amount of the cancelled layaway that can be used toward the purchase of another item or items.

We’ve already heard from one of our readers who confirmed she received her refunded amount today, and hope that’s the case for others as well.

We’ll check back in with you all next week.

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