Hellmann’s Maker Gives Up The Legal Fight Against Eggless “Just Mayo”

Eggless, and now lawsuitless (at least where Unilever is concerned)

Eggless, and now lawsuitless (at least where Unilever is concerned)

Not only is Hellmann’s maker Unilever dropping its lawsuit against the San Francisco company it claimed was misrepresenting mayonnaise by not including eggs in its Just Mayo product, but it sounds like the company is ready to give its former foe a big, mayo-filled hug. Mmm, squishy.

“We applaud Hampton Creek’s commitment to innovation and its inspired corporate purpose. We share a vision with Hampton Creek of a more sustainable world,” the company said in a statement, via the BBC. “It is for these reasons that we believe Hampton Creek will take the appropriate steps in labeling its products going forward.”

This wasn’t about giving up though, points out Unilever’s vice president for foods in North America, Mike Faherty, who says the company yanked the suit “so that Hampton Creek can address its label directly with industry groups and appropriate regulatory authorities,” reports Bloomberg News.

Speaking of labeling, Hellmann’s itself reportedly tweaked some of its products on its site back in November to reflect that certain items were “mayonnaise dressing,” and not mayo.

Anyway, Hampton Creek is pleased as punch, it seems, as one might be when a ginormous company decides to stop suing you.

“Hampton Creek was founded to open our eyes to the problems the world faces,” Chief Executive Officer Josh Tetrick said in an e-mailed statement provided by the U.S. company. “This moment has only validated why.”

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