Pharmacy Linked To Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Allegedly Faked Prescriptions For “Filet O’Fish,” “Bud Weiser”

From the federal indictment.

From the federal indictment.

As part of a federal indictment against a Massachusetts pharmacy linked to a meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people, officials allege that employees of the company used some pretty suspicious names on faked prescriptions, including things like menu items — “Filet O’fish” and “Coco Puff” — as well as famous er, names like “Bud Weiser” and his pal, “Raymond Rollingrock.”

Feds have charged 14 people (PDF, names begin on page 44) who worked at the New England Compounding Center for their alleged roles in the outbreak, reports CBS Boston, wherein tainted steroids manufactured by the pharmacy were blamed for the 2012 deadly meningitis outbreak.

“Big Baby Jesus” and “Hugh Jass” are also on the list, as well as odd pairings like a bunch of late night personalities along with “Al Bundie.”

“All names must resemble ‘real’ names… no obviously false names!” an email from the reads, according to the indictment.

So those names are the opposite of obvious…?

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in a statement that NECC “routinely dispensed drugs in bulk without valid prescriptions.”

“It was further part of the conspiracy that defendants… used and caused others to use the names of celebrities, fictional characters, doctors and medical staff to create fraudulent prescriptions for drugs,” the indictment read.

‘Bud Weiser,’ ‘Jennifer Lopez’ Among Fake Prescription Names Allegedly Used By Pharmacy [CBS Boston]

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