The LEGO Female Scientists Are Back, Maybe Indefinitely

P1070985m4Earlier this year, LEGO introduced a limited-edition set of minifig female scientists along with essential work equipment like a telescope and a dinosaur skeleton. They sold out quickly, and many female fans of LEGO and/or science were disappointed that the set wouldn’t become permanent. Just in time for Christmas, LEGO quietly put the set back up for sale, and they may be available permanently in the company’s retail stores.

The site says that the set will ship on December 21, but is available only in “limited quantities,” so hurry up if you want a miniature research institute of your very own. The more important piece of information on the page is the second sentence, which says:

It is coming soon to LEGO® Brand retail locations and is expected to be available within two weeks.

Could it be that the petition worked, and the Lego Research Institute will be a permanent institution? LEGO representatives didn’t get back to the New York Times, but it looks like the set will be revived for now. We might not be able to get them in time for Christmas, but life can’t be perfect.

Take it away, Jesse:

LEGO’s “Research Institute” Female Scientist Set Is Back In Stock And Going Fast! [The Mary Sue]

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