It’s Your Last Chance To Nominate The Worst Ads Of 2014

Image courtesy of (Mark Amsterdam)

Just in case you missed it when we posted the original call for nominations, we’re currently seeking your thoughts on the worst commercials to stain your TV set this year. With the deadline to nominate looming, here’s a helpful reminder.

E-mail us your suggestions for the year’s worst commercials at by 5 p.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 15.

As mentioned before, the most successful nominations are specific, not just about which ads they hate, but why they hate them. And we will love you forever (NOTE: not a legally binding promise) if you include links to YouTube clips (or other video sources) of the specific commercials.

Feel free to come up with your own categories for awards beyond the mere worst of the year. We’ve already had some ideas for categories like Worst Fake Family and Person You’d Never Want To Spend Even A Moment Alone With, but we know y’all have even better award ideas that you’re aching (common side effects are dizziness, tired feeling, and new or worsening depression) to share.

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