Mechanical Giraffe Escapes From Hell, Sold At Discount Toy Store

giraffeThe box for this toy giraffe says that it “Walks Along, Moves Head, And Shriek.” Verb tenses aside, that description is alarmingly accurate. The toy does all of those things, including shrieking like a demonically possessed creature as it walks along. While that makes the box accurate, it’s not clear to us who the intended audience for this toy would be.

The original submitter to Reddit says that the item came from a “knockoff toy store,” and it was priced at half off because objects of demonic possession usually aren’t big sellers.

When I was a toddler, an elderly relative brought me a gift of a toy robo-cat that would walk a few steps and then meow. I found it completely terrifying and ran away. The incident became a family legend and not a cautionary tale, but my fear of these critters was apparently quite valid. Just a few decades early, and applying to the wrong species of toy animal.

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