Pizza Hut Claims It Can Glean Customers’ Dinner Desires From The Subconscious

watchingyouWhile most food chains wish they could read all their customers’ minds and magically produce exactly what it is we’ve got a hankering for, Pizza Hut is claiming that it can actually do that… sort of. Using eye-tracking technology and a tablet, the company says it can pluck UK diners’ desires straight from their subconscious.

Maybe you think you don’t know what you want on that pizza, but the eyes have it, says Pizza Hut, with its Subconscious Menu (h/t Grub Street).

It’s a digital menu that features 20 pizza toppings for customers to gaze upon. As they do, technology by a Swedish company called Tobii tracks where your eyes go. That info goes into an algorithm that whittles down your perfect pizza from 4896 possible ingredient combinations.

The effort took six months of development to come to fruition, reports The Telegraph, and thus far appears to only be available at Pizza Huts across the pond for now — it could expand in the future if the attempt at Jedi mind tricks works.

While Pizza Hut claims that tests have proven the technology 98% successful so far, customers can always start over at the beginning if their result isn’t pleasing to the palate. Which is understandable, considering it took me a few minutes of staring at those photos to decide what some of the ingredients were actually supposed to be.

Pizza Hut’s crazy new menu lets you order with your mind [The Telegraph]

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