4 Holiday Gifts That Everyone Is Tired Of

Image courtesy of (Van Swearingen)

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when people whine about how many people in our lives are important enough to us that we are obligated to give them gifts. Plenty of gift items seem like neutral gifts that just about anybody would like. They are not. Before you choose any of these default gifts, stop and think about what you’re doing, and whether the person will really like it.

This list comes from CNN, which checked with some shopping experts to find out which gifts seem like a good idea, but probably aren’t.

  • Leather goods. Most people probably already have one, and it’s probably still in fine shape if it was a good quality item to begin with. Unless the recipient has specifically hinted about this or walks around with his pants falling down every day, leather goods don’t make a good all-purpose gift.
  • Scented items. People are particular about the fragrances they like, and many people are allergic. If you know that someone can’t get enough Pearberry lotion or lemongrass essential oil, that’s one thing: if you don’t know their favorites, stay away from scented stuff.
  • Calendars. If someone isn’t so tech-savvy that they keep their schedule online in some form, they probably have already received a barrage of free calendars from charities hoping for a donation. Unless you find the perfect calendar for someone’s interests, stay away.
  • Holiday decor. I love to give ornaments to people who celebrate by hanging things on evergreen trees, but one expert CNN talked to calls this played out. “What’s even worse is when it’s from last season,” one expert told CNN, “so you know it was 75% off last year and they’ve been storing it in a closet and now it can’t be returned.” Quit seeing through all of my schemes, CNN.
  • 6 played out holiday gifts nobody wants [CNN]

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