If You’re Missing $100K, Your ATM Card And Some Drugs, Someone At Burger King Found Your Stuff

Does your back feel suddenly lighter? Is it like you were carrying the weight of $100,000 in cash, along with some drugs and a mysterious white rock, and now you aren’t? Perhaps you left your backpack filled with money, drugs and your ATM card at a Burger King in San Jose, where a manager discovered it.

While employees at fast food joints often find the forgotten belongings of customers, those personal items usually include things like wallets or cell phones. But last week, someone left behind a whole lot more, reports NBC Bay Area.

A worker spotted a blue backpack sitting on the table alone at the restaurant for hours and told the restaurant’s owner, who investigated the abandoned bag to check for an ID or phone number. Instead, he found ten stacks of $10,000 bills, an ATM card, marijuana, some phone numbers and a “white rock,” that might be drugs.

“I was shocked,” he said. “There was a stack of hundred dollar bills wrapped in rubber bands. I called police.”

When police came by to pick up the bag, they told him that he could be eligible to receive that hefty chunk of change in six months, if it goes unclaimed until then. So far, police say they don’t have many leads on who left it behind.

In any case, the owner says he won’t keep that money for himself no matter where it came from. He says his motto is “if you don’t sweat, it’s not yours.”

“God has given me a good life, and I’m happy with that,” he said. “I might donate the money to needy people… I think you should do the right thing.”

Burger King Owner Finds $100,000 in Backpack, Calls Police to Return It [NBC Bay Area]

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