Coke Charging Twice The Price Of Normal Milk For Fancy Milk: Claims It Tastes Better, Is More Nutritious

fairlifeadsplityMilk. It’s what you put in cereal and eat with cookies. But would you pay twice the price you shell out now for a regular pint of milk for a so-called “premium” dairy beverage? Coca-Cola is willing to bet shoppers will be wooed by its new Fairlife milk, saying its new product tastes better and is more nutritious than regular milk.

Coke’s foray into the milk market (as a major investor in Fairlife) features an advertising campaign apparently focused on sort-of naked ladies who really like drinking fancy milk.

The “premiumization” of milk, as one executive put it, translate to a high-protein, high-calcium, low-sugar drink, Businessweek reports.

“It’s basically the premiumization of milk… We’ll charge twice as much for it as the milk we’re used to buying in a jug,” Coca-Cola’s North American chief, Sandy Douglas, said, claiming that the milk “tastes better” than normal milk, and will be more nutritious with 50% more natural protein and calcium and less sugar than the usual stuff.

He adds that the product will come from 92 family-owned sustainable dairy farms with “high-care processes” and a “proprietary milk-filtering process.”

Fairlife says it will be “pursuing the highest standards of milk quality, agricultural sustainability and animal comfort.”

It’s slate to go on sale next month in the United States.

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