Barbie Knocked Off Top Toy Spot For Girls By Queen Elsa & The Gang From That One Movie

After ruling supreme as the most popular toy for girls during the holidays, Barbie is losing her crown for the first time ever to the plucky gang from the movie Frozen. You know, the one with that snowman and the hilarious reindeer? Also there’s an ice queen and a princess.

Frozen merchandise takes the top spot, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation, reported by Bloomberg News: About 20% of parents are planning on buying something Frozen this year for their daughters, the trade group said.

Barbie clocks in at 17% this year, after being the No. 1 toy in the annual survey’s 11-year history. Parents of boys picked LEGO as the top choice for parents, at 14%.

Mattel’s Barbie has been struggling to compete with other doll brands, amidst criticism over her unrealistic body proportions and missteps like Computer Engineer Barbie’s book more recently.

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to see my nieces and nephews without getting my hair braided like Princess Anna while we watch Frozen on repeat and act out all the scenes. It’s the most successful animated film of all time, generating almost $1.3 billion in global ticket sales.

“Barbie has been the top girls’ toy for over a decade, but it is no surprise that Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has taken the top seat as children have had it on the mind,” said Pam Goodfellow, director of Prosper Insights & Analytics, which worked on the survey, in a statement.

It’s not like Mattel will totally lose out to Frozen, however — it happens to make Queen Elsa and Princess Anna dolls. But the time for making hay isn’t forever, as the doll license for Frozen will move to Hasbro in 2016.

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