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Most Pirated Film Of The Year Did Not Involve An Emotionally Withdrawn Ice Queen

In a year ruled by an emotionally withdrawn ice queen and a talking snow man, one might think that the desire for all things Frozen would make the animated flick the most pirated film of 2014. But Elsa, Ana and the teeth-chattering gang weren’t the most popular characters at the pirate ball this year — instead, the snorting, pill-popping money grubbing gang of Wolf of Wall Street took that title. [More]


Barbie Knocked Off Top Toy Spot For Girls By Queen Elsa & The Gang From That One Movie

After ruling supreme as the most popular toy for girls during the holidays, Barbie is losing her crown for the first time ever to the plucky gang from the movie Frozen. You know, the one with that snowman and the hilarious reindeer? Also there’s an ice queen and a princess. [More]