Redbox Hikes Prices For Movie And Video Game Rentals

The cost of a night in with a rental DVD is about to get a little more expensive for those of us out there who still rent physical movies and video games: Redbox is increasing the price of DVD rentals by 25%, as its parent company Outerwall Inc. tries to boost its revenue stream.

Starting Dec. 2, DVD rentals will cost $1.50 per night, compared to the current $1.20, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Blu-ray discs will go for $2 per night, up from $1.50, which is a 33% increase. Videogame rentals will now cost $3 per night instead of $2 as well, beginning in January.

Redbox is also moving into Netflix territory with a new recommendation engine much like the one its competitor uses to guide customers to content they might like, as well as investing in mobile technology and a better way to stock its kooks.

“Creating a business plan that allows us to make these investments in the future is important,” said Redbox President Mark Horak.

While one might scoff at heading outside the home to pick up a movie for the night, what with the plethora of online streaming options, the appeal of Redbox is in its prices, which will still be around one-third the cost for a typical video-on-demand rental. Kiosks also stock newer releases than the content available on competitors like Netflix and Hulu.

Redbox Raising DVD Rental Price by 25% [Wall Street Journal]

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