Someone Made A Table Out Of The Pages Of An IKEA Catalog

Have you ever flipped through the IKEA catalog and wished you could order everything you see? (Probably not, but for the sake of this story, let’s just say “maybe.”) Well, that would be impractical and expensive, but there is a way to turn every single page of an IKEA catalog into a working piece of furniture.

Over at, a reader says that, using only water and the torn-up pages of every recent college grad’s furniture bible (and some polyvinyl acetate), you can create a table that looks like it should have a name you can’t pronounce properly with some letters you’d have no idea how to create on the keyboard.

Here are the dumbed-down instructions, which amazingly don’t require an allen wrench, though will probably result in just as many profane rants and broken relationships from those who try:

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