Apple No Longer Labeling Apps As “Free” In The App Store, Though They’re Still Free

freeappsnopeA successful marketer knows that part of the big sell to customers is all in the language — and it seems Apple doesn’t want to use that dirty “F” word in its App Store to push apps anymore. Customers started noticing recently that on most applications that don’t cost a penny, the button to download them has changed from “FREE” to “GET.”

The Verge pointed this out, noting that the GET button shows up in different sections of the mobile and desktop versions of the App Store, and is added without regard to whether that application allows in-app purchases or not.

However, a difference Consumerist found is that apps that are made by Apple that you may not have installed on your phone already, iMovie, for example, still come with the “FREE” button.

It could be that Apple is following the trend of other mobile platforms who have tweaked their stores in the last year under pressure from the European Union and the Federal Trade Commission. The EU recommended taking out the word “free” back in September in proposed guidelines, but no one knew then if Apple or Google would choose to adopt those changes here.

The Google Play Store still uses the “Free” label in its store as of today.

Apps are no longer labeled as ‘Free’ in the App Store [The Verge]

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