Lost Truck Driver Lands Big Rig On Public Park’s Footbridge, Blames GPS

There’s using technology to help you figure out where you’re going, and then there’s leaning so heavily on your device that you fail to observe the wrongness of those directions even as you’re blindly following them. Where you’ll end up is anyone’s guess, as one truck driver proved by landing his semi in a public park where it definitely was not supposed to be.

An apparently lost Indiana trucker will have to pay $570.80 for reckless driving and failure to obey signs in my hometown of Milwaukee, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, after steering his rig onto a pedestrian bridge in the historic Lake Park.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office says that when the man drove his truck and 53-foot trailer onto the path on Tuesday afternoon, he damaged several trees, two bridges and concrete railings.

The driver allegedly told officials he was following the directions from his GPS, just like this woman who drove 900 miles out of her way and the lady who ended up driving onto a golf course. And yes, that photo above works perfectly with these stories.

Truck driver fined for crashing semi through Lake Park, footbridges [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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