Burger King’s Foray Into Cheap Chicken Nuggets Ends A Month After It Started

It was cheep — excuse me, cheap while it lasted, but it’s all over now: A little more than a month after Burger King heralded its cheaper chicken nuggets, selling a 10-pack for $1.49, the company says its reversing course and bumping that price right back up again by the end of this week.

On Oct. 6, Burger King started selling nuggets for about $0.15 a piece, a steal of a deal that apparently wasn’t meant for this world for very long.

Bloomberg reports that a lack of supplies has led to the chain hiking the price for 10 nuggets back up to $2.99. Chicken prices have been on the rise lately, prompting other chains that offer poultry products to reconsider their menus and make some changes.

The special “performed well, in line with our expectations,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for North America. “We are quickly selling through our promotional supply.”

As a promotional item, the price wasn’t ever expected to stay. But that doesn’t mean your wallet can’t mourn anyway.

Burger King Ending 15-Cent Nugget Deal as Supplies Wane [Bloomberg News]

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