Florida Couple Tips Waiter $1,500 And Buys A Few Cases Of Beer For The Staff

Not the actual people involved. (Cpt. Brick)

Not the actual people involved. (Cpt. Brick)

There are some stories we’re sick of hearing about frequently — consumers behaving badly, data breaches and scummy scammers — and then there are those that only increase in delight the more often we encounter them. In yet another example of the generosity of strangers, a Florida couple tipped their waiter $1,500 and bought a few cases of beer for the entire staff to share.

The 35-year-old server says he was hit with a rush of diners at the restaurant one afternoon, reports NewsNet5. The couple could tell he was busy, saying they were former restaurant workers and understood how it went.

They told him to take his time and ordered a bottle of expensive wine while they waited. When it was time to order, the man asked if the chef could make an off-menu veal marsala, and gave the waiter $20 to give to the chef along with his request.

Instead, the chef cooked the dish for no extra cost. The man then returned the favor by asking what the line cooks liked to drink.

As a thank you, the man asked what the line cooks’ favorite beer was of those available at the restaurant, which was Corona Light. So he put two cases on his tab, at a cost of about $240 for beers for the staff.

At the end of the meal, the man asked one more question: “What do you do for yourself?”

“I said, ‘Sir, I work two jobs. I don’t really have time,’ ” the waiter explained, to which the man added, “What would you do if you had some money?”

The waiter told him he’d fix his car, which had blown a gasket.

The man said not to worry about it.

“You’re going to fix your car tomorrow. I’m going to get you a $1,500 tip,’ ” the waiter recalled, and said he tried to refuse, to no avail.

“He has what we call the hospitality heart,” his manager said of the waiter. “He takes a lot of pride in his job. He’s definitely deserving of that kind of generosity.”

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