Pasta Pass ‘Winner’ Eats 115 Olive Garden Meals In 7 Weeks

olivegardenIf something was never intended to be a contest, can you really declare someone the winner? We can’t help but wonder that in the case of a bold North Carolina man who obtained an Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Pass, then proceeded to use it to the full extent that the promotion allowed. This means that he ate at Olive Garden a total of 115 times in seven weeks.

While he might not be a nutritional role model, the man did follow through. He set the goal of making the most of his pass and eating at Olive Garden twice a day, every day, and he achieved it. (The idea of pasta brunch must be too much for anyone to bear. Besides, everyone knows that you eat pizza for breakfast.) You may find this concept disgusting, it is inspirational. In a way.

Rev. Martin chatted with Salon about the end of his quest. We last checked in with him 20 meals ago, when he had a few more weeks to go. His final tally was 115 meals, and he is very fond of chicken gnocchi soup now. Inexplicably, he has lost four pounds. He estimates that for the $100 he paid for the pass, he ate food worth $1,840.

Update: Man eating only Olive Garden achieves his goal, eats $1840 worth of food [Salon]

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