Olive Garden Neverending Pasta Pass Holder Has Eaten 95 Pasta Meals

olivegardenThere were only 1,000 Neverending Pasta Passes issued in a massive Olive Garden publicity stunt, and minister in North Carolina has one of them. He’s determined to make the most of it, and as of yesterday had eaten 95 meals so far at his local Olive Garden. He calculates that he has eaten $1,510 so far during the six weeks to date.

That’s if you count every meal at the one-meal price for the Neverending Pasta Bowl. “I would love to be the person that ate the most of the 1,000 people. That would be a good contest to win,” he told TV station WGHP.

“Why?” the interviewer asked in what sounds like genuine disbelief. There is no actual contest that we know of, but Olive Garden could honor the person who ate the most pasta or made the most visits at the end of the promo.

Now, one would expect that two meals a day of unlimited pasta, breadsticks, and Coke-brand carbonated beverages would make a person tired of all of those things, and make them gain weight. The good reverend says that neither is the case for him. “Give me seven more days,” he says. “Then I’ll be ready maybe for a big burger.”

Burlington man has eaten 95 meals at Olive Garden in 6 weeks using $100 ‘Pasta Pass’ [WGHP]

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