Man Says Delta Airlines Lost His Dog At LAX

A Tampa man says Delta Airlines lost his dog. via CBS Los Angeles

A Tampa man says Delta Airlines lost his dog. via CBS Los Angeles

Over the years we’ve told you about several instances in which consumers’ pets have been lost or escaped while in the care of an airline. Sadly some of those stories end tragically, but here’s to hoping the most recent issue involving a missing bull terrier in Los Angeles ends on a happy note.

CBS Los Angeles reports a Tampa man alleges that Delta Airlines lost his six-year-old dog, Ty, at Los Angeles airport Friday.

The man says he was in his seat when an airline employee told him the they couldn’t find the dog.

The attendant initially told the man the dog allegedly bit through his kennel, but then changed her story saying the airline simply couldn’t find the dog and that he had been missing for an hour.

“It’s been very depressing,” the man tells CBS Los Angeles. “Very upsetting. I’ve been crying. I’ve been angry.”

For its part the airline sent the man a letter saying the company regrets the incident and that “early indications show that procedures were followed, and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own.”

“I just want my dog back,” the man says. “He’s my best friend, that dog.”

There’s no word on how Delta or LAX officials are trying to locate the animal.

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