L.L. Bean Learns Nature’s Lesson The Hard Way When Event Featuring Two Birds Of Prey Goes Awry

Just because birds have feathers does not necessarily mean they’re going to want to flock together. It was exactly the opposite at a recent L.L. Bean store opening in Vermont, when an owl attacked a hawk. Both were featured in the retailer’s display featuring birds of prey. Meaning birds who attack and eat other birds as part of their diet. So… yeah.

The Talons! A Bird of Prey Experience” display at a Burlington mall showcased a bit too real of an experience for shoppers when a European eagle owl attacked a Harris’ hawk, reports the Burlington Free Press. It was part of a grand-opening celebration for a new store at the mall.

From @PhilipTortora of BFP on Twitter:

But while to an outsider it might seem like a no-brainer to keep such fowl away from each other, a rep from the experience says the birds have done just fine before, and have known each other for six years.

“They’ve never, ever have gone after each other,” she said. “They’re always in close proximity, we make sure their leashes are not too close, and this time it was a matter of inches. They’re predators.”

Witnesses reported seeing the owl squeezing the hawk in its talons for a few minutes, with the hawk shrieking loudly until workers were finally able to separate them.

Owl attacks hawk at L.L. Bean display in mall [Burlington Free Press]

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