Oreo Churros Now Exist For Some Reason

JJ Snack Foods Corp OREO ChurrosWhen eating Oreos (of any flavor) have you ever said, “this is great, but I wish it were twirlier, and also warm?” No. You probably haven’t. Apparently someone at convenience store snack provider J&J Snack Foods did, though, and the company teamed up with Oreo-maker Mondelez International to sell Oreo-flavored churros. Churreos?

J&J calls itself “the leading churro manufacturer” in a press release, which is apparently a thing. The key thing to remember about these Churreos (not their actual name) is that they will be served hot, in convenience stores, and some snack fans suspect that the ready-made twisted cookie snacks will bring churros into areas of the country that have previously not had access to the Latin American treat.

Churros are usually twisted bits of plain dough served as a snack or dessert. They are usually not made out of ground-up Oreos, or out of chocolate at all. The licensed convenience store version will be served with containers of Oreo creme, or whatever toppings the convenience store thinks would be interesting. We suggest cookies and cream ice cream.

J&J is one of those companies that you’ve never heard of, but that makes items under their own and some licensed brands for convenience stores to prepare and serve with minimal cooking: think premade churros, cookie dough, packaged frozen treats, and premade sandwiches. You’ve probably eaten one of their products at some point.


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