Restaurant Offers Free Food In Exchange For Election Campaign Signs

The elections are mercifully over and whatever you think of the outcome, you probably agree that people can’t remove all those unsightly campaign signs quickly enough. So one restaurant chain based in South Carolina is offering free food to customers who help clean up the mess left by the democratic process.

Sticky Fingers is a small chain of 16 BBQ joints in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. Following Tuesday’s elections, it announced that customers who bring in any of those roadside campaign signs will be entitled to a free appetizer of up to $7.99 (with purchase of other food, so don’t go in with a stack of signs and expect to eat like a king — or a Congressman).

While the restaurant wants to encourage people to clean up after the annual mess that is Election Day, it reminds them that they can’t steal signs off property that doesn’t belong to them. Additionally, it’s requesting that customers “Please don’t put yourself in harm’s way to bring us a sign.”

In case the campaigns still want their signs back, the Sticky Fingers stores will hold onto them for two weeks. If they go unclaimed, the signs will be recycled.

[via Eater]

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